About G3 Indie Summit

G3 Indie Summit

Unique Value Proposition

The aim of the conference is to unite the indie scene with the future Game Devs. To create a conference that is focused on individuals that want to work in the Game Dev industry but are not there yet.

Why G3 and What is the event all about.

We decided to organize a game dev conference in Timisoara. Why? The answer should be a no-brainer. To help the community evolve. Create a networking event where the Game Dev wannabees can meet actual people from the industry and get advice.

Competition/ Status in Romania

There is DevPlay in Bucharest organized by RGDA but we don’t see this kind of events as Competition but as great ways to improve the industry. Thus our collaboration to promote both events. We have a common vision so it’s rather natural we help each other. Besides this, DevPlay has a different Target. It’s aimed people that are already Game Developers. We want to show gamers and whoever is interested that getting into the industry is not that hard. Connect the participants with programs like Game LAB, Game Developers that are searching for help.

And after all, should be things happening only in the capital? We think not. There are great things happening in the West as well!

How we’re doing it and How you can participate

The event will happen on 25th of March at INCUBOXX. It will start in the morning with 4 talks about Game Development and the Indie scene. Following them will be 3 Workshops and end the event with a Pannel that will answer to some of your questions. Get ready to meet and ask game developers. Interact and learn from them.

In order to participate, you’ll have to get either a Free Pass or a Paid Pass.

Paid Pass – 25Ron

Morning Pass – To all Talks about the Game Industry.
Workshop Pass.
Panel Pass.
After Party Pass.

*If you’re a student you have a 20% discount.
Buy Here: https://www.livetickets.ro/g3-indie-summit

Free Pass.

Panel Pass – Take part in an interactive session of Q&A about the Game Industry.
Acess to the Venue – Play awesome games and meet the Developers behind them.

Registration Here.

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