Team Spotlight – Flying Pigs

How would you handle waking up in a monster-filled labyrinth or a desert filled with deadly mirages and a whole bunch of other traps? The guys at Flying Pigs want to create a game in which players can genuinely experience this through the course of their game Andrei Tăutu shares more about their great idea […]

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Team Spotlight – Red Cage

In today’s team Spotlight, we got together with Adrian Pavel and Bidica Emanuela to learn more about their unique upcoming game “Flo, an eye opening adventure”. Gorgeous graphics, spiced-up humour,challenging levels, all topped up by a special types of characters: floaters. Read more about their awesome idea from the blog post. Why did you join Game […]

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Team Spotlight – Anti Pattern

Today’s Team Spotlight is about a team whose project aims to innovate the way people come up with solutions in problem-solving. Their game challenges traditional thinking  and encourages the player to think outside the box in order to beat the levels.   We had the opportunity to sit down with Anti-Pattern  in order to get some […]

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Darkcloud Interactive

Team Spotlight – Darkcloud Interactive

We are happy to introduce Darkcloud Interactive, the second team which passed Gate 1 with success. Superheroes, compelling gameplay, and a gripping story are what Aslau Mario Daniel told us to expect from their game in today’s interview. Why did you join Game LAB Timisoara? My passion for video games has always been there, but […]

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Team Spotlight – 77 (Seventy Seven)

Today we had a talk with one of the teams which successfully passed Gate 1. We wanted to get some insight into their project idea and to learn more about the game itself. Below you will find the interview with Anca Rusu, the Game Designer of Segregated. Why did you join Game LAB Timisoara? I’ve […]

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Interview – Asmo Saloranta

Interview Asmo Saloranta

Interview Asmo Saloranta – CEO of Frozen Vision, CVO of Asmo solutions and Chief Operating Officer of Vessla .


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About GameLAB

Game LAB TM Game LAB Timisoara is an intensive hands-on experience educational programme, that aims to bring together gaming passionates to work into teams at creating their own games. Learning by doing, quality mentorship, networking, and having fun included! Our main goal is to stimulate game creation through relevant training, mentorship, and teamwork, thus aiming […]

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