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Project Spotlight – JagdKitten

  Hey, guys! Since G3 is coming up soon, we wanted to give our members a chance to tell us more about the projects they’ve been working on. These games have been worked on, changed and (some) scrapped altogether for fresh new ideas throughout these 5 months. We’re really hyped to finally get the chance […]

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Workshop Spotlight – Rational Game Design

Workshop Spotlight – Rational Game Design By Andrei Istrate – Crash Course   “One of the most difficult tasks men can perform, however much others may despise it, is the invention of good games and it cannot be done by men out of touch with their instinctive selves.” — Carl Jung,   Tell us a bit about […]

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Workshop Spotlight – Mihaela Morozan

Workshop Spotlight – Character Design by Mihaela Morozan – We all have that one game character that we’ll always remember and love. But did you know that there’s a great deal of work involved in creating a great character? Mihaela Morozan will be holding a workshop dedicated to this – character design. From art style […]

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