Frequently Asked Questions

– Game LAB TM –


What is Game LAB TM?

An educational project-based learning program

Created for you, based on then needs of the Game Industry. Game LAB combines your skills in a multidisciplinary team with the purpose of creating your own game concepts into reality. The LAB consists of intensive training combined with working and mentoring sessions. All ideas will meet a preselection gate before turning into real projects, as well as the projects will meet a final selection before the final presentations.


When is it Starting?

It’s starting in October. Save the month!


Schedule, do we get this before hand?

Uhm, sorry but no. Each participant will get access to the schedule on the first day of Game LAB.

But we can say that sessions will be held in the afternoons and on the weekends so all of you can participate. The first part of Game LAB is gonna be more session intensive following a more relaxed period where working on the games is encouraged and mentored.


How long will it be?

The Game LAB will be from 1st of October to 20th of December. 


Where is Game LAB TM located?

We’re happy to say that Game LAB TM is going to take place in Timișoara, inside INCUBOXX.


How to apply



Who can Apply?

Anybody from Timișoara may apply to Game LAB. Priority is given to persons that have a background in:

1) Art & Design

2) Programing ( unity, unreal engine, cry engine or any game making tools )

3) Business & Marketing


Who are we searching for?

We are looking for a tangible enthusiasm and keen interest in gaming. Professional game development requires diverse and deep expertise, and the ability to work well in a team and to cope effectively with pressure.


Oh s**t, when is the deadline for the applications?

Applications start in August and last until September.


Okay, I applied. What now?

Great to hear that! Now, hold your horses till the applications period ends. In September we will check all the applications and let each applicant know if he got selected or should try again next edition!


Got selected?

Yey, Congratulations! If you got selected, it means you’re awesome!
Next step will be a short interview with the LAB Master via Skype.


Do I have to be part of an Interview?

Yup, you do. But don’t worry it’s not such a big fuss. You’ll have questions like what games you like, why you want to develop games, how you heard about us..etc


What’s the purpose of this interview?

The interview is to get to know you better before we start, answer some questions, nothing too formal. This also allows us to think about your interests into consideration resulting in better teams 😉


Why Game LAB TM?

We noticed that the environment in Timisoara, Romania is searching for something to help and encourage students to network and develop projects outside the university. Searching for a bridge between the academic environment and the companies. We chose Timișoara instead of Bucharest or any other city because of the lack of big companies in the area. We know that might be a disadvantage but, our purpose is to help to educate and creating qualified personal. We want to attract big companies to the area and also create indie companies. 


Okay, but why should I care?

Uhm, because it’s awesome?

Because it’s an unique program in Romania, a great way to get into the industry.. For sure you already realised that.

We’re teaming you with experts in different fields, giving you a place to work. Not to say that we are organizing cool events * some exclusive * + you get access to all the sessions about gaming?


Is this actually helpful?

If having a proof that you can work in a team, you know the process that is required to build games* and also getting to know network with a lot of industry experts is helpful. Then pretty much yes.

*having another demo in your portfolio.


Got more questions?

We are happy to answer to them!

– Contact us through the Contact Page or write us a message on Facebook! –