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Darkcloud Interactive

Hey, guys! Since G3 is coming up soon, we wanted to give our members a chance to tell us more about the projects they’ve been working on. These games have been worked on, changed and (some) scrapped all together for fresh new ideas throughout these 5 months. We’re really hyped to finally get the chance to actually play them at G3!


To start off, take a look at Darkcloud Interactive. A shady character who goes through the hero’s journey of bravery and betrayal, throwing punches at baddies all around. All this shown through a unique comic book made by their artists.

Read the interview with Aslau Mario Daniel and test out their game at G3 – Indie Summit

1. For those that don’t know you – Pitch your game to us!

Our game takes a comic-book styled approach to storytelling, meaning you’ll get to read awesome comic panels between punching baddies and using clever abilities.


2. What changed in the game since G2?

A lot changed – new main character model, a bigger level for you to traverse, enemies for you to fight and a scary end-level boss. Top that with a few story sequences that look like pages out of comic books.

Also, we’ve got new team members, which is always great.

Robert Cazacu – coder

Gabriel Weisz – artist (he did the comic book panels)

Eli – she does 3D objects to fill our environment


We’ve also got a lot of help from these nice folks

Cristina Maul – she does the UI design

Alessandro Cornaglia – he did the character models

Vlad Alexandru Vidraru – thank him for all our music/sounds.


3. What challenges did you encounter?

Well, the worst one we’ve encountered is motivation, since it’s a silent one. The whole team expected to finish the project earlier, but it was pushed back, which messed up a few schedules.

Also, the other enemy we’ve faced is exams – their special ability is to eat up all free time which would have gone into making the game. (and that sucked)


4. How did you overcome them?

Dedication – we stuck by our project even though we swam against the current at (almost) every turn we took xD


5. What can we expect at the G3?

Expect to beat up the demon with the shadow through our fully-functional demo by G3.


6. Any advice for people just getting started?

Don’t give up if you truly care about your idea.


7. Do you plan on carrying on?

Well, it all comes down to how we feel about this after the results of G3. We’ll have a team meeting to discuss each member’s opinion and if they’re willing to carry on, but overall we’re pretty hopeful that the project will go on!

Stay tuned for more projects showcases in these following days.
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