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Hey, guys! Since G3 is coming up soon, we wanted to give our members a chance to tell us more about the projects they’ve been working on. These games have been worked on, changed and (some) scrapped altogether for fresh new ideas throughout these 5 months. We’re really hyped to finally get the chance to actually play them at G3!

Read the interview with Andrei Mot and test out their game at G3 – Indie Summit

For those that don’t know you –

The JagdKitten team is formed of 2 mainly programmers, one does some secondary jobs as 3D artist. We are passionate about programming and gaming and both hope to get into the GameDev industry.

For Game LAB we are working on a Defend The Castle steam punk game, for VR, in which you can pilot your own f***ing ship.


What changed in the game since G2?

Well, a lot. After G2 we were part of another team, but because of some problems that team decided to quit. So we decided to not continue with that idea, as it wasn’t ours and re-start an older idea of one of us and transform into something more amazing.

What challenges did you encounter?

As we are mainly programmers we lack an art sense, we can’t make things look pretty enough.

The other problem would be usual for programmers, bugs and bugs and other bugs.

Also, as we develop the game for VR the testing got to be done on VR, which we didn’t have or couldn’t afford.


How did you overcome them?

The first problem, we use placeholder assets, but also search for a 3D artist, which in the future can produce the assets.

The second, simple answer, work and don’t sleep until it works how we want it to.

The third, GameLab put us into contact with the right people, so we managed to test on a VR device, but also using a Simulator, so we can test some features without it.


What can we expect at the G3?

At G3 you can expect a long line of people waiting for their turn to pilot a ship and defending their territory, expect to be on a ship and shot a cannon after the invading tanks, moving a lot so that you get to destroy all the enemies and pass the wave. It will be an immersive experience, to be the captain of your own fucking ship.

Any advice for people just getting started?

Well, are you sure you want to develop games? It’s not easy work, but it sure feels rewarding for someone to tell you that they liked something you created.

Never give up! Continue going forward!


Do you plan on carrying on?

Ja, oui, yes, da, si or whatever language you want!



Ps. Don’t forget to buy your ticket for the full day and participate in the workshop as well!

Stay tuned for more projects showcases in these following days.
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