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Hey, guys! Since G3 is coming up soon, we wanted to give our members a chance to tell us more about the projects they’ve been working on. These games have been worked on, changed and (
some) scrapped altogether for fresh new ideas throughout these 5 months. We’re really hyped to finally get the chance to actually play them at G3!

Read the interview with Darian Velciov and test out their game at G3 – Indie Summit

1. For those that don’t know you – Pitch your game to us!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a box forgotten in the basement of your grandparent’s basement? Have you ever thought of how it saves the world while we are not even looking?

Well, we did, and our game, called “Started from the box…” is exactly that. The epic tale of becoming the hero the world needs, even if you are a box.

You will find new powers, fight unimaginable foes and get lost in our environments. All of those while a satirical voice consents you.

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2. What changed in the game since G2?

The game went through a lot of changes since G2. We change a bit of how the levels are selected, opting towards a more open world maze like a platformer, rather than a mega men style. The way the powers are gained and how the enemy’s work have also changed. We made a lot of assets (art) that needs to be implemented.

3. What challenges did you encounter?

Real life. We all know unfortunate things happen always, and this was also the case. Over those, there is the eternal problem of time, since most of us have university and work. And let’s not forget the human shell that needs to be recharged.


4. How did you overcome them?

We bit the pillow and tanked it. We gotta make something that inspires people, how can we inspire others if we can’t inspire ourselves? If a box can save the world, we can make a game.

5. What can we expect at the G3?

Hopefully, we’ll have at least 2 maps playable along with the dynamic narration and a kick ass boss.


6. Any advice for people just getting started?

Yes, remember, there are obstacles in life, and there are hard times. But if you manage to go through the storm, you will see the sunshine after it. You have to talk to your team, communication is the key.

7. Do you plan on carrying on?

We do, this game will hit the market at some point. We love the concept and we are dedicated to it. We will see the sunshine!


You can read more about the team from our previous article here

Ps. Don’t forget to buy your ticket for the full day and participate in the workshop as well!

Stay tuned for more projects showcases in these following days.
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