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A strange character embarks on a journey full of change in order to become the hero he desires. Who is he? He is nothing more than an ordinary box.

Tonight’s Team Spotlight is about Placeholder Studios and their game “Started from the box”.  Gabriel David and Darian Velciov bring more news on the subject:

Why did you join Game LAB Timisoara?

1: I’ve always wanted to be part of an indie game studio. Since I was little I was fascinated by this industry and its way it has evolved. GameLAB seemed like the best opportunity to enter this industry.

2: To gain experience in the game development and design industry .

What’s the story behind your game?

1: Initially, we all came up with 10 game concepts which, after analyzing them together, we couldn’t reach common ground, so we’ve started brainstorming again – this time as a team. The idea of the Box came from Gabriel’s suggestion of a game which had “evolutions”. From there, we searched for elements which would make the game unique. Finally, the idea of a box which was constantly evolving stuck. That moment reminded me of a song which seemed fitting for the idea of progress, and that was the foundation of our title: “Started from the box”.

2: An innocent box full of action figures wants to become a hero.

What’s unique about your game?

1:The constant presence of a funny narrator and the need to take decisions, combined with the action-platforming style gameplay creates a unique mix which is not present on the market. The levels and bosses, inspired by household items and the seven deadly sins, bring a huge plus to the atmosphere, story and most of all humor.

2:The blend between Interactive narration and action platformer.

Tell us why people should care about your game

1:The game is seen from the perspective of an ordinary box which, like any of us, wants to constantly evolve towards becoming a hero. Many people will relate to this object; if not, don’t worry – our story and humor will surely get to you

2:Do you like “The Stanley Parable”? Do you like action platformers? Do you like jokes?

If any of these is yes , I don’t see why people wouldn’t care.

Thank you Placeholder Studios. We want to see the box reach his dream of fully becoming a hero!

All contestants have been presented in the Team Spotlight, but don’t worry – many more exciting news and stories are coming!

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