Throwback G2

Throwback Game LAB TM G2

 – 11.11.2016 –

G2 marked the second step of the Game LAB TM program. An event with special guests and 6 teams presenting their projects. Was supposed to last 3h-It lasted 5!

Each team was presenting in front of the jury to show their progress since G1 *gate 1 *. The jury was made of: Mihaela Morozan, Bogdan Petrar(PET), Andrei Istrate and Radu Ziemba.

Bellow, I’ll talk a bit about the judges and the teams that passed.


Starting with Radu Ziemba.

He held an interesting presentation about some of the old, and new pages of the Kappsule Diaries.

Together, we dug deeper into the problems you can face as an indie developer, how you can survive without investment, and build a studio from scratch. Ow! and how to add more success stories to your own studio diary.  



Followed by an interactive Q&A Session

The Session was lead by no other than the founder of RGDA and now GameDev Academy –  Andrei Istrate in which he tackled some of the questions our audience had.

Then we had in the jury Bogdan Petrar, also known as PET!

He is a Technical Artist / Level Designer at IC3D Media and the Producer/ Content Creator/ Video Editor at He evaluated and offered feedback on the Game LAB TM game ideas at G2.


Also, part of the jury we had Mihaela Morozan.

Those that have been at G1 already know she’s just pure epic.
With more than 15 years of experience as a 3D artist – working with studios like Magic Dust, Stardust Germany affiliation/ Philos Laboratories / Black Hole Entertainment / Chromo Vision and for the last 6 years at DONTNOD Entertainment.

Worked on titles like – now the awesomeness begins –
Armies of Exigo / Warhammer: Mark of Chaos/ The Witcher / Warhammer: Mark of Chaos – Battle March / Remember me, and Life Is Strange Episode 1,2,3,4,5 published by Electronic Arts, Namco Bandai, Capcom, Square Enix!

She also evaluated and offered feedback on the Game LAB TM presentations and games based on her experience with game development.

After 2h+ of presentations and feedback

The judges went in a separate room to decide which ones out of the 6 teams would move forward with the concept. The teams that passed were.

Games you’ll have the chance to test at G3 – Indie Summit together with one more addition. A wildcard.

See you there!

Ps. Don’t forget to buy your ticket for the full day and participate in the workshop as well!


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