Workshop Spotlight – Mihaela Morozan

Workshop Spotlight

Character Design by Mihaela Morozan

We all have that one game character that we’ll always remember and love. But did you know that there’s a great deal of work involved in creating a great character?

Mihaela Morozan will be holding a workshop dedicated to this – character design. From art style to attitude, take a look at what she’ll be about at G3


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I don’t think is important to talk about my identity, you just need to know that I come from game production and I had the pleasure and honor to work in many studios with many great people and at some really nice projects. But I think that my particularities come maybe just from a  hub of values and passions that like everyone else, I  am building in my life. Good quality in everything but also childish spontaneity or pushing borders and having a good time doing what I love,  also curiosity, these are some values I like. Overall, I think I am a curious consumer of any reality. Everything can be interesting if you can see it that way. And then there is nothing without fun!


What’s your workshop going to be about?

          The workshop is going to be more like a friendly talk about how  can you create a character concept art, what does that imply, what it involves, and how you should better consider doing it knowing the rules of workflow usually met in the game production but also how to use your knowledge to influence the character creation for a more successful design .We can try  a short character creation on the spot.


         . A design has to first meet his function, this is the basic idea, I do not want to plan it so that there will be a place for spontaneity hopefully. I think that this is a good place to  be  to find out how it is usually done (if you don’t know yet or is not clear), if you are interested in becoming a concept artist or you what to be able to create your  own concept art for your game or others, there will be some guidelines for you. .I hope you will find at least some of the answers that you needed afterward.


Can you tell us a bit about the workshops learning outcomes?

Workshops are concentrated drops of information and shared experience. The short ones mostly inspire and inform you.  The long term ones are changing your value as an artist because you will evolve.  At the workshops, you get to be face to face to a professional, and usually, you attend it because you want to learn about the subject, now you have the chance to find out directly anything related to it from the real production. Workshops are packs of know-how. This is a field where you never stop learning. There are rules but there are no limits,  This workshop will make you understand more about how you can design a character concept art.

Any tools/devices they should be bringing for the Workshop?  

You can attend to this workshop however you like, if you want to learn you should not be limited by tools: if you come to listen, than listen, if you come to just watch just watch, if you come to really do on the spot a character I will give you directions to go and also feedback at the end . If you want to draw take the drawing materials with you, if you want to do something digitally then you should bring a laptop and tablet, or a Cintiq if you own one, why not.  As long as we have this discussion and time spent about character design together, it will be nice. The workshop will happen for few hours only so have that in mind before grabbing gear or not, so it’s up to you.


Any advice you want to give aspiring designers?

First, never give up if this is what you really want. Then, try to inform yourself properly about the realities of the job itself. You should decide if you keep it a hobby or make a career. You can even combine them. After you are well informed you still want to pursue this job than trying it for a year, pure production if you still want to remain in this field than you only have to continuously explore and improve on your limits. I am there trying to do this. And yes, let’s not forget, if you don’t enjoy it and have fun meantime you can’t stay alive in the industry.  But if you do enjoy it, “nothing can be more fun than making robots for SF movies as for a living “ to quote Feng Zhu, one of my iconic figure worth of respect. Keep moving. It’s fun.


Thank you, Mihaela, if you wish to attend her workshop, click here and get your ticket for G3 TODAY!

Stay tuned for more projects showcases in these following days.
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